iconoFrequently Asked Questions

SALES - 1 . Do Pikibox uses a recurring payement method?

No. Once your Pikibox is expired you have to re-atcivate through PikboxAdmin if you whish to continue to use it.

SALES - 2 . I have purchased a Pikibox Light, How does the upgrade process works?

To upgrade your Pikibox, go to"My account" section of your PikiboxAdmin, select the Pikibox you want to upgrade and click the "Upgrade to Pro" button. From there, you can either:

  1. Convert:
    Converting is free, it recalculates your Pikibox expiration date while upgrading it.
    Converting is enabled when your Pikibox is not expired and you select 0 months as extend period.
  2. Purchase:
    Just select the period for which you would like to purchase your upgraded Pikibox, Conversion is automatically done for the Pikibox remaining time (if there is any).
    If your Pikibox is already expired that's the only option available.

Please note that Pikibox Pro can't be downgraded to Pikibox Light!

SALES - 3 . I already own a Pikibox, How can I purchase a new Pikibox ?

If you already own a Pikibox. Purchasing a new Pikibox is as simple as creating a new one from your PikiboxAdmin (at the bottom left of the "MY Account" page) Then activate it for the period of your choice.

ACCOUNT - 1 . Does Pikibox offer E-mail accounts?

Currently Pikibox does not offer email accounts alongside our hosting service.
However, you can use Google Apps for Domains (a free service) to do this instead. Many domain registrars (such as GoDaddy and Network Solutions) also provide email services.

USAGE - 1 . Is Pikibox Compatible with my tablet, smartPhone, device?

Pikibox websites are compatible with any devices including iOS
However PikiBoxAdmin currently requires a browser with Flash ™ to run. it is not accessible from a iOS devices at the moment.
We may release an iOS app at some point if we receive enough requests.

USAGE - 2 . How do I add a custom domain to my site?

Please refer to this documentation article

USAGE - 3 . How Can I password protect my website?

there are 2 levels at which you can restrict your pikibox website access.

  1. Individualy for each of your Pikibox's websites:
    In PikiboxAdmin, under "Editor" select the website you want to password protect then display the "WEB" tab by clicking on it and enter the password in the password field.
  2. Globaly, for your entire Pikibox:
    in PikiboxAdmin, under "My Account" with your Pikibox selected, click the "Options" tab and deploy the password Protection module by clicking on it. then simply click the button labeled "Public" at the extreme right (with the "Lock" icon).

USAGE - 4 . Can I SET a default display mode for my medias (ie: no zoom)?

Yes, This fonctionnality has been added 21 fev. 2012.
Each template still has it's own way of displaying the medias. Please refer to this documentation article to understand how they each behave.

USAGE - 5 . What size should I use for my medias?

You don't have to worry about the dimensions of your images as they are automaticaly resized when uploaded.
Please refer to this documentation article to learn how your images are processed when uploaded to Pikibox.