What's new ?

Here's the list of the recent changes and newly added features.
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  • Audio Player with Image14 May 2012

    A brand new audio related feature (was actually silently introduced 1 month ago).
    The audio player can now also display images while playing audio (images are displayed right behind the audio visualizer for now). To use this new feature, replace the default audio thumbnail by uploading an image of your choice then simply check "Display in player". See it in action here

  • Open First Page22 Fev. 2012

    Another new little feature, allows you to open the website's first page when you visit it.
    Try it out...(It can be found under the "web" tab of the website editor)

  • Medias Display Modes20 Fev. 2012

    A much requested feature was released today.
    Until now, there was no way to change the way medias are displayed by each templates
    Forcing some user to choose some templates based on their predefined display mode(s).
    This limitation is gone and you can now choose and configure the mode(s) used by default for all your Pikibox websites!
    A parameter "allow upscale" was also added to the "Fit" mode giving you even further control. (useful for pixel perfect images that you don't want to see upscaled)

  • Templates localisations30 Jan. 2012

    A new language parameter was added to Pikibox websites. It helps search engine to classify your website content and most importantly translates some of the templates elements (ie: contact pages default messages and button)
    Current localizations are: EN, FR, NL, DE, IT, ES and PT for now. Other Languages suggestions are welcome!

  • Custom Favicon pro17 Jan. 2012

    As requested by some users, You can now use your own favicon for your Pikibox Pro.
    Upload a .png (or your already created .ico) multi-res .ico is automatically generated for you

  • Template 03 Modifications13 Jan. 2012

    templates.pikibox.com/#/03Template Binder

    On user request, full media view (hiding navigation in galleries on mouse idle/out) was added to template 3 (was already in template 4 & 5)

  • Google Analytics pro11 Jan. 2012

    You can now use your google analytics account to track your Pikibox Pro.
    This feature can be found under the "Options" tab of your Pikibox.

IconDevelopment Roadmap


What's Coming Up ?

Here's a quick look at our priorities along with how far from completion we are on each new feature. We're open to suggestions, If you have something in mind not listed here, don't hesitate to let us know

  • Template 06 - "The Lift"


    A new template is on it's way

  • Template 07 - "The Wall"


    A new template is on it's way.

  • Improved Html template


    there's quite a few improvements we wish to bring to the fallback html template focusing on providing a more native experience on mobile devices

  • Stats pro


    A quick overview/stats of the visits on your pikibox Pro directly integrated within Pikibox Admin - (no Google analytics account required)

  • PikiBox Admin for IOS (iPad)


    Being considered.